Flight from Belgrade to Paris

We had a restless night repacking our bags several times. Initially, we overlooked the weight limit for each bag, necessitating a reorganization into more bags than originally planned.

With over 90kg of checked baggage, the three of us – Damjan, Bojan, and Wilson – embarked on our journey around the world.

Our next challenge was cramming all our luggage into the car. Thankfully, our trusty VW Passat wagon came to the rescue and swallowed everything up. However, a different reality awaited us in Paris. Back when we booked our rental car, a Renault Clio, we couldn’t have predicted the mountain of luggage we’d be hauling. Let’s just say, the Tetris skills learned on vacation came in handy again!

Around 4 AM, we arrived at the airport where we met Nenad, an old friend who came to say goodbye and take some photos. Unfortunately, taking photos inside the airport is prohibited (strange rules, indeed), so we left without capturing the moment.

Departure from Belgrade Airport on July 12th 2017

Just before boarding the plane, a stewardess and two police officers were checking passports. When the stewardess saw my passport, she immediately called over the police officers and asked me to follow her.

After 20 minutes, everything was cleared up. The issue was that we had checked in the drone bag (DJI Phantom 3) with 4 batteries, which appeared as explosives on the scanner. They allowed me to continue the journey after the minor security check.

On July 12th, we boarded the first AirSerbia flight from Belgrade to Paris JU 310, departing at 6:20 AM. Due to this small incident, we had a slight delay at takeoff. Wilson took his seat, and we were finally on our way!

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