French Twist: A Holiday Hiccup in Our Boat Delivery

It was Thursday, July 13th, 2017, the day we were finally taking ownership of our new boat from the dealer. Excitement filled the air as we arrived at the marina near 10 am for our scheduled meeting. Entering the small office, we announced our arrival and explained we were here to meet with Mr. Xavier at 10 am for boat pickup.

The friendly woman at the desk directed us upstairs to Mr. Xavier’s office on the first floor. Reaching the top, we were greeted by a welcoming smile from a gentleman who inquired about our needs. We informed him we were there to pick up our boat and had a 10 am appointment with Mr. Xavier. Though it was already 10:10, he confirmed his identity and inquired about the specific boat we were expecting. “It’s the Lagoon 450s,” we mentioned, “and today, July 13th, is our scheduled pickup date, according to our confirmation.”

Suddenly, a cloud seemed to pass over Mr. Xavier’s face. His jovial expression morphed into a concerned frown. “Oh, oh, I’m so sorry,” he stammered, “but your boat isn’t quite finished yet. We still need to install some equipment.”

Our hearts sank. “When will it be finished?” we asked, a nervous edge creeping into our voices.

Mr. Xavier shrugged apologetically. “I’m not sure, honestly. There’s still quite a bit to do.”

“Can we at least see the boat?” we inquired, hoping for a glimpse of our future adventures afloat.

“Oh, yes, of course,” he replied, “but as I mentioned, it’s not in its final state.”

We followed him down to the docks, where our shiny new Lagoon 450s awaited, its potential marred by the unfinished installation work. As we received the keys, another blow landed: tomorrow was a French holiday, and the first workday wouldn’t be until Monday. Even then, the working hours were limited (9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm), and Mr. Xavier offered a cryptic warning about the company’s notorious absenteeism.

Just like that, our dream of setting sail on that sunny Thursday had transformed into a frustrating wait. It seemed the “hell” with our boat delivery had just begun.

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