Expedition Essentials: Gearing Up for Adventure (One Delay at a Time)

Getting an expedition boat ready for anything isn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially when unexpected tasks pop up from the dealer – c’est la vie, right? We’re navigating it all with a healthy dose of French “joie de vivre” and a whole lot of determination, even when deadlines shift like the Atlantic tide. But hey, that’s part of the adventure, and seeing progress every day keeps the excitement bubbling!

Wind Turbines, Sails, and Spoons… Oh My!

Our to-do list is an ambitious one: installing a wind turbine for electricity, checking every electrical line with eagle eyes, adding a diving compressor and a whole fleet of sails (spinnaker, gennaker, code zero, you name it!), a power generator, a water desalinator, and a few more surprises. Engines need checking, the dinghy needs prepping, and even the outboard engine needs a snug fit on the back.

But it’s not just about the high-tech gear. We’re starting from scratch, stocking the boat with everything from plates and pots to sponges and knives, bedsheets and pillows – all the everyday essentials you easily forget about until they’re not there. Oh, and did I mention a TV? Turns out the boat comes with a TV antenna already on the mast, beaming entertainment directly to the living room – score!

Four Cabins, Eight Smiles, and Endless Possibilities

With four cabins and four bathrooms, our boat can comfortably sleep 8+ adventurers. Each cabin has its own space in each hull, while the top deck boasts a living area that cleverly converts into a bed for two. And if the weather’s just right, two more can sleep under the stars. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to an ocean sunrise?

One of the first tasks we tackled was checking the mast, installing a radar reflector, and setting up sensors for humidity and temperature. We even upgraded the anchor, going from a 20kg to a 30kg just to be safe (and hey, redundancy never hurts!).

Kitchen Crew Assemble (Online)!

Most of our kitchen essentials were ordered online and are patiently waiting for us at the store – just need to grab them and go. But for the rest, we’ve been hitting the shops, picking out everything from towels to tools. It’s been a fun way to explore the area and get a feel for the local scene.

The Dealership Dealings: Patience is a Virtue… Most of the Time

Let’s be honest, visiting the dealer every other day to ask “when will someone finish the work?” can get a bit… tiresome. Especially when promised 4pm appointments turn into 4:30pm departures with excuses and rescheduled visits. But here’s the thing: talking to other boat owners on the dock revealed we’re actually making the best progress so far! That frustration melts away quickly knowing we’re closer to setting sail than most.

More Than Just a Boat, It’s a Journey

This experience has been a whirlwind of challenges and triumphs, reminding us that sometimes the most epic adventures start with unexpected detours. We’re embracing the journey, learning to adapt with a smile (and maybe a French shrug), and getting closer to our dream of setting sail every day. Stay tuned for more updates as we conquer challenges, tick off tasks, and finally cast off on our exciting expedition!

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