Fins, Feathers, and Fog: A Pod of Surprises on Our Voyage to Cascais

Leaving Ares with sunshine dancing on the waves and a gentle wind filling our sails, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to reach Cascais. As soon as we hit cruising speed, the fishing lines danced on the surface, eager to tempt the ocean’s bounty. Little did we know, our catch of the day wouldn’t quite be what we expected.

Within minutes, my lure snagged something… something that took to the sky with a startled squawk! It was a seagull, entangled in the line! Confusion melted into concern as the bird became our unexpected dance partner, soaring and dipping with the line attached. We watched helplessly, unsure how to help without causing further harm. Thankfully, after a tense aerial battle, the gull managed to break free and soar away, unharmed (we hope!).

This unexpected encounter served as a stark reminder of the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. Our casual fishing attempt had unintended consequences, and it was a valuable lesson in being mindful of our actions and their impact on the creatures around us.

Moving on, with a touch of sheepishness, we switched tactics. Fishing with old meat proved fruitless, but the weather remained our faithful companion. Sunny days gave way to chilly nights, warmed by the sun’s embrace each morning. Four days of non-stop sailing saw us engrossed in books, casting lines (without any more feathered friends involved!), and whipping up delicious meals onboard.

Then, a flash of silver sliced through the waves, followed by another, and another! A pod of dolphins, graceful and playful, materialized alongside our boat. We watched in awe as they frolicked and leaped, their sleek bodies glistening in the sun. This exhilarating encounter brought pure joy, the thrill of sharing the vast ocean with these majestic creatures leaving an indelible mark on our journey.

Cascais, our next stop, beckoned with the promise of engine servicing and restocking. Night sailing proved challenging, navigating amidst a flurry of fishing boats. Thankfully, their AIS system ensured visibility even in poor conditions, allowing us to make safe maneuvers.

Reaching Cascais, we were greeted by a thick fog, reducing visibility to a mere 10-15 meters. Horns and radar became our guiding lights, and thankfully, as the sun rose, the fog dissipated like magic. Docking in the marina and arranging engine service felt like the final note in this unexpected symphony. With the rest of the day free, we ventured into the city, ready to explore and refresh before embarking on our next adventure.

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