Anchoring Anarchy: When Following the Monkeys Leads to a Coast Guard Chat

The wind whispered through the rigging as we approached Mallorca, the promise of adventure tantalizingly close. Calling the marina in S’Arenal, a charming town near Palma with a well-regarded harbor, we were lucky to snag a spot despite peak season, our catamaran’s double size and the island’s premium status working against us.

Ten blissful days unfolded aboard our floating home. Salty decks gleamed like diamonds after a thorough scrubbing, batteries hummed with renewed life, and minor repairs brought our vessel back to tip-top shape. The marina buzzed with activity, but we managed to carve out moments of tranquility, lingering over lunch and strolling through the town. Then, a quick bus ride whisked us to Palma, where a delicious dinner tantalized our taste buds. By nightfall, we were back at the marina, ready for new adventures.

Leaving the marina behind, we set sail for Palma, hoping to find a more central anchorage. Luck wasn’t on our side, but observing other boats anchored near the iconic cathedral, we took a (slightly rebellious) leap of faith, mimicking their positioning despite the lack of official markings. After securing our vessel, we hopped in the dinghy for a 10-minute ride to civilization.

Palma pulsed with tourist energy. Vendors’ melodic “Amigo, need sunglasses?” became the soundtrack to our explorations. Seeking respite from the scorching sun, we navigated a maze of cafes and squares, quenching our thirst and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

But the crown jewel of our exploration was the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria. La Seu, as it’s affectionately known, loomed large, its Gothic grandeur leaving us awestruck. Inside, stained glass windows cast colorful shadows, whispering stories of faith and artistry. We spent over an hour marveling at its intricate details, the crowd adding to the sense of historical significance.

As dusk painted the sky in fiery hues, La Seu transformed into a beacon of light, its illuminated spires reaching towards the heavens. Back on our anchored haven, we were lulled by the gentle lapping of waves and the distant hum of the city. But our idyllic night was cut short. In the morning, the coast guard arrived, gently reminding us that anchoring wasn’t allowed in that spot. With a touch of sheepishness and a healthy dose of amusement, we prepared the boat and joined the procession of departing vessels.

Palma had captivated us with its charm, bustling markets, and architectural wonders. Despite the slight mishap with the anchorage, the memories shone brightly, fueled by delicious sausages, stunning sights, and a touch of unexpected adventure. And so, we set sail for Barcelona, the next chapter of our nautical odyssey beckoning on the horizon.

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