Chasing Tuna and Volcanoes: Setting Sail for Messina

Bidding farewell to Capri’s captivating beauty, we set course for Messina, Sicily, the morning sun painting the sky in a canvas of soft hues. The weather, initially our gracious companion, seemed to play a trick as the winds died down early in the morning. To ensure we reached Messina by nightfall, we turned on our engines and powered through the calm waters.

Our voyage was once again marked by the thrill of the catch. We snagged another tuna, this one weighing around 15 kilograms. However, this prize came with a challenge. Being on sail meant the fish had taken out a significant amount of line, requiring more effort to reel it in. Boris, our resident captain, took the helm of the reel, skillfully maneuvering the line as Jaksa and Damjan waited patiently for the fish to come closer. Once it was within reach, they expertly secured it, allowing me to begin the familiar process of cleaning and preparing it for storage in the freezer.

We made one final attempt to add to our bounty, but this time, the fish proved to be the victor, managing to escape the hook and swim away to freedom. Though we missed out on another catch, we couldn’t help but admire its resilience and celebrate its success.

As we continued our journey towards Messina, we were treated to a breathtaking sight. The iconic volcano, Stromboli, rising majestically from the Tyrrhenian Sea, came into view. Bathed in the golden light of the sunrise, its smoking plume hinted at the fiery power within. While not a source of immediate danger, we understood the potential for a larger eruption, making the sight even more awe-inspiring. A few hours later, we found ourselves approaching the bustling port of Messina.

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