Corinthian Capers: A Windy Wait and a Daring Rescuepen spark

Strong winds unexpectedly extended our stay in Corinth to four days. While the charming town itself was compact and easily explored on the first day, the harbor presented challenges that kept us on our toes.

The concrete dock, weathered and damaged, posed a constant threat to our boat. We doubled our fenders, creating a thicker barrier between the hull and the unforgiving concrete surface.

The second day brought a dramatic scene. A sailboat with four people on board attempted to enter the marina during fierce winds. Limited space and strong gusts pushed them towards the shallows. Without hesitation, we sprang into action. Jumping into our dinghy, we joined forces with some local helpers in their own dinghy. Together, we managed to pull the distressed vessel back into deeper water, averting a potential disaster.

The incident sparked conversation with the locals. We learned that the sailboat was a charter boat with inexperienced crew. On a brighter note, we also discovered a local dive shop run by the very helpers who assisted us. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to purchase additional diving tanks at an incredibly discounted price.

One night, fueled by enthusiasm, Anka and I decided to see the Corinth Canal. We hailed a taxi, explaining our destination with excitement. However, there must have been a misunderstanding. The driver, perhaps bewildered by our eagerness, took us to the first crossing point of the canal instead of the famous bridge. We disembarked, a bit confused,only to watch him drive back to the city. Undeterred, we explored the area for a while before embarking on a nearly two-hour walk back to the marina. While not exactly the intended excursion, it was an unexpected adventure.

On the third day, Milan, Anka, and I decided to delve deeper into Corinth’s rich history. A visit to the local archaeological museum offered a fascinating glimpse into the region’s past. As with many Greek museums, the sheer volume of artifacts was astounding. Later, we tackled the challenge of climbing the hill to reach Acrocorinth, the main fortress of Corinth. The scorching sun and a touch of the flu made the ascent a bit more strenuous than anticipated.However, the breathtaking view from the top, encompassing the entire area including the canal, made the effort more than worthwhile.

It was time to leave. Before setting sail, we geared up for an epic GoPro shot – the Corinth Canal crossing from the top of the mast. Unfortunately, the battery died before we reached the canal, leaving us with a touch of disappointment.

Early morning found us making a smooth departure from the marina. While the wind remained strong, we navigated our way out without any bumps or scrapes. The entrance to the canal itself was a unique experience. The towering,almost vertical walls of rock seemed to close in on either side, creating an almost oppressive feeling. The narrow width of the canal demanded careful maneuvering, especially as we encountered other vessels traveling in the opposite direction. Traffic flowed according to a strict schedule, ensuring a safe passage through this remarkable feat of engineering.

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