Through the Corinthian Cut

The Corinth Canal, the first on our ambitious list of canals to conquer, presented a unique set of challenges. While dwarfed in size compared to the Panama and Suez Canals that awaited us, navigating this narrow passage proved to be an unforgettable experience.

Strong winds forced us to extend our stay in Corinth by four days. The charming town itself was a delight to explore,but the harbor demanded our vigilance. The weathered concrete dock posed a constant threat to our boat, necessitating the use of double fenders for protection.

One dramatic afternoon, we witnessed a scene straight out of a rescue film. A sailboat with inexperienced crew found themselves battling strong winds within the marina. Without hesitation, we sprang into action, joining forces with some local helpers to prevent a potential disaster. This incident not only underscored the importance of seamanship but also led us to discover a local dive shop with incredibly discounted diving tanks, a welcome bonus!

A minor setback threatened to dampen our spirits – a misunderstanding with a taxi driver led us to the wrong side of the Corinth Canal. Undeterred, we turned this into an unexpected adventure, exploring the area before a two-hour walk back to the marina.

Our cultural exploration continued with a visit to the archaeological museum, offering a glimpse into Corinth’s rich history. The sheer volume of artifacts was awe-inspiring. Later, we tackled the challenging climb to Acrocorinth, the main fortress of Corinth. The scorching sun and a touch of the flu made the ascent tough, but the breathtaking panoramic view, including the canal itself, made it all worthwhile.

Finally, the day arrived for us to tackle the Corinth Canal. Unfortunately, our dream of capturing the crossing on GoPro was dashed by a dead battery. A lesson learned for the future! The wait to enter the canal stretched for over an hour as we bobbed gently in a queue of vessels.

Conquering the Corinthian Cut:

The moment we’d been eagerly anticipating finally arrived – traversing the Corinth Canal. Towering rock walls, a testament to human ingenuity, rose on either side, creating an almost surreal atmosphere. Sunlight filtering through the narrow passageway cast dramatic streaks of light and shadow on the water’s surface.

We proceeded cautiously, maintaining a safe distance from the canal walls and any oncoming traffic. Radio communication crackled to life, coordinating the smooth flow of vessels through this remarkable waterway. The experience, though short-lived, was undeniably awe-inspiring.

Onward to Athens:

Exiting the canal on the other end, we pulled into a small dock to settle the transit fee. With that formality complete, we set sail once more, our destination – Marina Zea in Athens. The Corinth Canal crossing, though delayed by wind and marked by a touch of technological disappointment, had been a success. We carried with us the memories of a challenging journey filled with unexpected adventures, daring rescues, and the awe-inspiring feat of navigating a man-made waterway through a towering gorge.

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