Aegean Odyssey: Mikonos

Our sail to Mykonos unfolded like a dream – calm seas and clear skies made for a tranquil journey mostly on the engine. However, our crew composition had shifted slightly. Oleg and his son, little Damjan, decided to disembark in Athens, enjoying a few extra days in the city before flying home. Milan, too, bid us farewell, returning to Belgrade. The four of us remaining crew members continued our adventure, setting our sights on the enchanting island of Mykonos.

Reaching Mykonos in the morning hours, we anchored the boat and eagerly ventured into the heart of the city. The charming capital offered a feast for the senses, with its labyrinthine streets and vibrant atmosphere. We spent a delightful day exploring all it had to offer.

Mykonos also marked a turning point for Anka. Here, she would take flight for Belgrade, traveling via Athens. With a bittersweet farewell, we waved goodbye to our dear friend, cherishing the memories we had created together.

A Bumpy Return to Athens:

Our journey back to Athens was a stark contrast to our idyllic sail to Mykonos. Strong headwinds plagued us throughout the trip, making for a challenging passage. We contemplated seeking refuge in a small bay along the way. This island,Kythnos, offered a potential haven, but upon closer inspection, the bay lacked adequate protection from the elements.With a determined spirit, we pressed on towards Athens.

While the internet connection on our boat remains a source of amusement (or perhaps frustration!), the ability to share these updates, albeit with some delay, makes the journey all the more meaningful. We are eager to see what adventures await us in Athens, and beyond. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our Aegean Odyssey!

A Relaxing Interlude in Varos Bay:

The early morning found us arriving at Varos Bay near Athens. This welcoming inlet, familiar from our previous stop on the way to Mykonos, provided the perfect opportunity for a well-deserved rest before our final leg back to Zea Marina.Rejuvenated and ready to face whatever awaited us in Athens, we set sail once more.

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