Aegean Epilogue: Battling Winds, Bidding Farewells, and Setting a New Course

Our return journey from Mykonos was a battle against the elements. Strong headwinds tested our mettle, leaving us in need of a good rest upon reaching Athens. Back at Zea Marina, we took the opportunity to attend to some boat repairs and restock our supplies with food and water for the next leg of our voyage.

Our initial plan was to set sail for Crete. However, a change of course emerged. With less than two months remaining before our Atlantic Ocean crossing to Gran Canaria, we decided to head straight for Malta. From there, we would chart a course towards Casablanca, Morocco. This revised itinerary would ensure we reached Gran Canaria within our timeframe.

A bittersweet farewell in Athens:

Athens also marked the departure of our last remaining crew member, Dalibor. Together, we made our way to Piraeus terminal, where we officially checked out of Greece and the European Union. Unfortunately, a technicality arose – certain regulations regarding visas meant that stopping in EU countries would require us to navigate a special procedure. As we understand it, foreign vessels are generally permitted to remain in EU waters for up to 18 months, after which they need to depart.

With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to Dalibor, his presence leaving a void on board. Now, as a crew of two, we set sail for Malta in the afternoon, embarking on the next chapter of our adventure.

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