From Sun to Shiver: Aegean Farewell to Malta

With a crew of two and a revised course set for Malta, we set sail from Athens on the afternoon of September 27th. The first three days were a mixed bag. Rain showers dampened our progress, forcing us to rely on the engines in the near absence of wind. However, the third day brought a welcome change – clear blue skies and a steady, favorable wind. With the sails billowing, we reveled in the joy of pure sailing, a perfect way to spend a day at sea.

The summer, however, seemed to have vanished, at least as far as the sea was concerned. Gone were the days of comfortable t-shirts. The nights brought a distinct chill, a reminder that autumn was well on its way. As if mirroring this shift in the season, the wind on the final day decided to test us once more. Shifting direction, it turned into a headwind,making for a bumpy and challenging journey.

Despite these obstacles, we persevered, and on September 30th, 2017, we reached the shores of Malta. Our time in the Aegean Sea had come to an end, a chapter filled with unforgettable experiences – from the unexpected challenges of Corinth to the enchanting beauty of Mykonos. Now, a new adventure awaited us on the shores of Malta, and beyond.

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