Bonifacio: A Cliffside Gem

After two sun-drenched days at sea, we arrived in Bonifacio, a city that seemed to rise organically from the rugged cliff face. Its dramatic entrance, a narrow passage carved between towering rocks, led us to a small bay and a bustling marina.

Bonifacio’s allure was undeniable, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. The marina teemed with boats, leaving no room for our “floating duck” (presumably a dinghy or inflatable tender). However, we struck a deal with the fuel station: in exchange for fuel, water, and a small fee, we could stay for a few hours (3-4 hours max) – an ideal solution given the lack of nearby anchorage.

This charming city offered a unique experience. We explored the car-free, old town, meandering through its labyrinthine streets. Our exploration took us up and down the numerous staircases that intricately connected the various levels built into the cliffside. Along the way, we stumbled upon interesting shops, including dive and fishing stores. Unable to resist the great deals, we ended up purchasing three diving tanks, adding to our growing collection of gear.

After a few hours spent wandering around the city, we reluctantly said goodbye to Bonifacio. Back on the boat, we set sail for Capri Island in Italy, a two-day journey if the wind holds. With the sun setting over the horizon, casting an orange glow on the cliffs, we were filled with anticipation for our next adventure.

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