A Seafaring Adventure: From Bonifacio to Capri

The sun, a fiery orb kissing the horizon, cast long shadows over the azure waters as we departed from Bonifacio. The rugged cliffside town, with its narrow passage and bustling marina, had been a fascinating stop, but now our sights were set on the legendary Capri Island. The two-day journey promised a chance to relax, explore, and perhaps, tempt fate with a fishing line or two.

Most of the first day unfolded in a tranquil rhythm. The gentle rocking of the boat lulled us into a state of relaxation as we cast our lines, hoping for a lucky catch. When the fish weren’t biting, we gathered around the table, the rhythmic slap of playing cards providing a different kind of entertainment.

Fortune, however, had other plans. Around noon, a loud, unfamiliar ZZZZZZZ sound pierced the air. It was the unmistakable whirring of a reel coming alive. Heads snapped towards the starboard side, where a fishing rod stood waiting. We watched in disbelief as Boris, with a determined grip, wrestled with the rod, the fish taking out line at an alarming rate. After an initial stunned silence, cheers erupted as Boris began to gain control, slowly reeling in the mystery catch.

After some time, the mystery was unveiled. A magnificent tuna emerged from the water, its powerful form gleaming in the sunlight. Damjan and Jaksa, fueled by adrenaline, sprang into action, expertly maneuvering the hooks to secure the catch. Though not a giant, weighing in at around 18 kilograms, it was a significant prize that filled us with satisfaction. We immortalized the moment with photographs before I swiftly began the process of cleaning and preparing the fish for lunch. Boris, our resident chef, took over, and soon the aroma of freshly grilled tuna steaks filled the air, whetting our appetites.

Two hours later, another electrifying buzz from the reel sent a jolt of excitement through us. This time, the battle was slightly shorter, but the reward was equally gratifying – another tuna, weighing 16.8 kilograms. We followed the same routine, capturing the memory in photos before storing the fish for later consumption. Our first catch hadn’t been fully devoured, so this bounty would be enjoyed on future meals.

These thrilling events occupied most of our day, leaving us oblivious to the passing time and approaching destination. As the sun began its descent, painting the sky in vibrant hues, we realized with a jolt that Capri Island was just on the horizon. By morning, we would find ourselves in Marina Grande, ready to explore the island’s captivating beauty.

This journey, a delightful blend of sailing adventure and unexpected fishing triumphs, served as a perfect prelude to the captivating experiences that awaited us on Capri. We eagerly looked forward to what the island held, its vibrant energy, and the promise of new discoveries.

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