Tranquility in Roccella Ionica: Setting Sail for Otranto

A few hours into our journey towards Otranto, we decided to break for some rest and relaxation. The charming town of Roccella Ionica beckoned us with its promise of sun-drenched beaches and a tranquil atmosphere. As we stepped ashore, a sense of serenity washed over us. Unlike the bustling tourist hubs we’d encountered earlier, here, the beaches were deserted, the cafes devoid of crowds, and a peaceful quietude pervaded the air.

While the lack of fellow travelers might have surprised some, we reveled in the unexpected solitude. It felt like having the entire beach to ourselves, a rare indulgence even in the midst of the peak season. We embraced our inner tourist, savoring the warmth of the sun on our skin and sipping on refreshing coffee at a quaint cafe.

As the day drew to a close and the wind picked up, we set sail once again, Otranto now firmly on our horizon. The urgency to reach Herceg Novi by the end of August fueled our determination. Fortunately, the weather gods seemed to be on our side, offering favorable winds that promised a swift passage.

The journey unfolded in a familiar rhythm: the gentle rocking of the boat, the rhythmic slap of the waves against the hull, and the endless expanse of the sea stretching before us. This time, however, the elusive fish seemed to have evaded our lures, leaving us with an empty catch but a heart full of contentment.

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