Otranto: Charm and Farewell to Italy

After two days spent navigating the open sea, we arrived in Otranto, our final stop in Italy before embarking on the final leg of our journey to Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Here, we needed to complete the check-out formalities as our next port, Zelenika, would mark our entry into Montenegro, a non-EU country. The weather, while pleasant for travel, lacked the strong winds we’d experienced previously. Otranto, nestled at the very beginning of the Adriatic Sea, welcomed us with a late-morning arrival and a readily available spot in the marina.

Conveniently located near the marina, a dive center offered the perfect solution for our diving tanks. Opting for professional inspection and air refills proved to be a time-saver, as our on-board compressor wouldn’t have refilled them quickly.

Otranto’s charm quickly unfolded. A majestic fortress stood as a testament to its rich history, while the old town captivated us with its labyrinthine streets, inviting restaurants, and charming shops. After exploring the fortress, we succumbed to the allure of a highly-rated pizza restaurant. The bustling atmosphere necessitated booking a table upon arrival, and after a brief wait, we were seated. The pizza itself lived up to its reputation – delicious, satisfying, and surprisingly affordable, leaving us pleasantly surprised by the pricing.

As night descended, the narrow streets of the old town transformed under the warm glow of streetlights and shop windows, offering a unique ambiance compared to the daytime. We explored these transformed pathways until late evening, eventually returning to the boat, a sense of completion and anticipation settling in.

With Herceg Novi within a day’s reach, our journey was nearing its end. Jovana and Sanja, with their return to work looming, would disembark and catch a flight from Tivat to Belgrade. For Boris and Jaksa, this trip marked the conclusion of their adventure. However, for Damjan and me, it was merely the beginning of a new chapter.

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