Homeward Bound and Onto New Horizons: Adieu, Otranto

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in a canvas of fiery hues, we set sail from Otranto, bidding farewell to Italy and setting our course towards Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Our first stop in this new country was Zelenika, where we completed the necessary customs and registration formalities.

The following morning, after a two-hour journey, we finally arrived in Herceg Novi. It felt surreal to be back, surrounded by the familiar sounds and sights of home after two months of exploration. Hearing the local language spoken on the streets brought a sense of comfort and belonging.

Our travel companions, Jovana and Sanja, were due to return to Belgrade, their work schedules beckoning them back. Boris and Jaksa, on the other hand, planned to extend their stay in Herceg Novi. As for Damjan and me, our paths were temporarily diverging. He would remain in his hometown, tending to the boat and ensuring it was in top shape for our upcoming adventures.

My immediate tasks involved securing a visa for Morocco and tying up loose ends before embarking on my solo round-the-world journey. In five days, I would return to Herceg Novi, ready to delve into the final preparations. The anticipation of welcoming new friends who would join me on the initial leg to Greece was palpable, and beyond that, the promise of further exploration towards Malta and beyond filled me with excitement.

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