A Bon Voyage from Herceg Novi: Setting Sail Towards Adventure

Early in the morning, a buzz of anticipation filled the air as we prepared for our departure from Herceg Novi. On Skver Marina, a heartfelt farewell unfolded. Friends and family gathered to send us off, their smiles etched with pride and a touch of sadness. Joining them were the Mayor and local residents, their presence adding a special touch to this momentous occasion. News reporters were also present, capturing the excitement with interviews and photographs of our vessel.

Milan’s friend, using a drone, filmed a captivating video of our departure from the marina. Damjan’s uncle, ever the adventurous spirit, even accompanied us on the first leg of our journey on his own sailboat – a true testament to the nautical spirit shared by our crew.

Soon, we arrived at Porto Montenegro, a bustling marina that would be our temporary base before setting sail. While there, Milan, ever pragmatic, replenished our supplies with a few additional boxes of wine. Oleg, on the other hand, contributed a few bottles of his prized plum brandy, ensuring our spirits remained high throughout the voyage. It’s true, our wine and brandy reserves might have rivaled our water supply, but luckily, our boat had the capability to produce fresh water, alleviating any potential concerns.

After taking advantage of the tax-free fuel available at Porto Montenegro, we set course for Corfu, Greece, our first stop in the idyllic nation. The journey promised to be a relatively quick one, requiring less than two days of sailing. Initially, the wind filled our sails, propelling us forward effortlessly. However, later on, the wind died down, forcing us to switch to the engine for a few hours until the sails caught wind again.

Despite their limited sailing experience, our new crew members were both eager and quick learners. They displayed an infectious enthusiasm, their excitement palpable throughout the journey. Young Damjan, though our youngest crew member, embraced the adventure with the boundless energy and carefree spirit typical of his age.

As evening approached, we reached the shores of Corfu. Opting for a calm anchorage outside the marina due to the late hour, we decided to move to Gouvia Marina, located a few kilometers from Corfu city, the following morning.

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