Echoes of Sacrifice: Exploring Corfu’s Wartime Legacy

Last night, upon arrival in Corfu, Milan and Oleg ventured ashore in our dinghy. Unfortunately, the darkness obscured a shallow area, resulting in some damage to our boat’s propeller. The next morning, we dedicated ourselves to cleaning the boat and making necessary repairs. While we tackled these tasks, Milan, ever the adventurous spirit, expressed a desire to climb the mast and reach the very top. Needless to say, he was thrilled to fulfill his wish.

Our stay in Corfu stretched over two days, allowing us to explore the charming town and its rich history. One particularly moving experience was a visit to the Serbian Soldiers Mausoleum on the nearby island of Vido. This island served as a hospital for wounded soldiers during World War I, and the mausoleum stands as a solemn memorial to those who lost their lives there.

Stepping inside the Mausoleum, we were transported back in time, confronted with the profound sacrifices made by these brave individuals who gave their lives defending freedom. The museum wasn’t just filled with historical facts and figures; it offered a deeply personal glimpse into the lives of the soldiers. We saw their personal belongings, ranging from worn uniforms and well-loved photographs to heartfelt letters and simple everyday objects. These tangible reminders brought the stories of these men to life, allowing us to connect with them on a deeper level.

Weapons used during the war were also on display, serving as stark reminders of the brutality of the conflict. We examined them with a mixture of fascination and sadness, reflecting on the devastating impact of war on countless lives.

Finally, the museum housed a collection of old photographs, capturing the faces of the soldiers, their families, and the landscapes they fought in. These faded images offered a window into a bygone era, providing context and emotional weight to the exhibits.

Learning about the soldiers’ fate added another layer of poignancy to our visit. Many of the injured who died on Vido were buried at sea. A famous poem titled “Plava Grobnica” (The Blue Tomb) by Milutin Bojić, serves as a poignant testament to this somber event.

The following day, we set sail for the island of Paxos, our next destination on this grand adventure.

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