A Bumpy Night in Paxos Bay

After a relatively short sail, the wind picked up considerably as we approached Paxos. We managed to navigate to the bay and dock in a small marina nestled within its embrace. As evening approached, we decided to head out for dinner.

Unfortunately, the evening took a slight turn when young Damjan fell from a chain, sustaining a minor scratch on his head. Thankfully, it wasn’t serious, and a quick trip to the local hospital confirmed it was just a scrape.

However, as night deepened, the weather took a turn for the worse. A sudden storm rolled in, hitting us with unexpected force. We scrambled to secure the boat with additional lines, ensuring it wouldn’t be tossed against the shore. With the engines roaring, we weathered the storm, which thankfully subsided after a couple of hours. Though the storm had passed, strong winds continued to buffet the bay.

Undeterred, we set our sights on continuing the journey tomorrow. Vathy, the capital town of Lefkada, known for its windsurfing scene, awaited us.

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