Lefkada’s Leftovers and Ithaca’s Light

The aftermath of last night’s storm lingered, leaving the sea restless. Wind and waves buffeted us as we sailed towards Vasiliki, Lefkada. Unfortunately, a strong headwind made using the sails impractical. Instead, we switched to the engines, the steady rumble a testament to our determination to reach our destination.

The bad weather seemed to have pushed most other sailboats out to sea, seeking shelter elsewhere. Fortunately for us, this translated to finding a coveted spot in the Vasiliki marina.

Reaching the port in the late afternoon, the weather had taken a dramatic turn for the better. The sea calmed, leaving only gentle waves lapping against the hull. The sun peeked through the clouds, transforming the sky into a canvas of blue. We wasted no time restocking supplies before the local shops closed, basking in the unexpected sunshine.

The evening unfolded with a peaceful night in the marina. We explored the charming town of Vasiliki, our steps leading us to a delicious dinner at one of the many inviting restaurants.

Come morning, with the first rays of light kissing the horizon, we set sail once more, this time for Vathy, the capital town of Ithaca, the last Ionian island on our itinerary.

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