Anchored in Beauty: Exploring the Enchanting Island of Ithaca

Our arrival in Vathy, Ithaca, unfolded in the afternoon. Finding all the docks occupied, we dropped anchor in a small, picturesque bay. Approaching Vathy itself was a remarkable experience. A small, rounded island nestled in the center of the bay divided the entrance into two distinct passages, one for incoming and one for outgoing traffic.

We spent a delightful day exploring Vathy, savoring the charm of the town and indulging in the offerings of its many inviting restaurants. Ithaca’s unique beauty was undeniable. Lush green forests of pine trees carpeted the landscape, a welcome contrast to the more typical arid hues of the Greek islands. In the evening, we capped off the day at a local restaurant, enjoying the simple pleasures of pancakes and ice cream.

While a leisurely hike through the island’s woods held immense appeal, the call to continue our journey proved stronger. The next morning, with a touch of regret, we set sail from Ithaca, navigating our way through the Corinth Canal.

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