Rough Seas and Restful Bays: A Journey to Corinth

After a thoroughly enjoyable day exploring Ithaca, we set sail once more, our sights set on Corinth, our final stop before tackling the famed Corinth Canal. The journey stretched before us, promising over 24 hours at sea. Unfortunately, strong winds were absent, replaced by side waves that made the trip less than comfortable.

A bright spot emerged as we passed beneath the awe-inspiring Rio-Antirrio Bridge, a majestic structure connecting mainland Greece to the Peloponnese Peninsula. Late afternoon cast its golden light upon us, the sky ablaze with fiery hues of red. From a distance, it resembled a blaze on the mainland, a stark reminder of the wildfires that can plague Greece during the summer months.

The second day of sailing brought a welcome change. The sea calmed dramatically, transforming our journey into a peaceful glide across the water’s surface. The gentle murmur of the engines replaced the earlier jostling of the waves. Early morning found us arriving in Corinth.

The marina we secured a spot in wasn’t the most glamorous, but it offered the much-needed refuge we sought. Our berth, however, presented a slight challenge. Nestled right next to a concrete dock, the surface was rough and heavily damaged. To protect our boat from any bumps or scrapes, we deployed the majority of our fenders, creating a well-cushioned barrier between our hull and the unforgiving concrete. We planned to spend two days here before embarking on the exciting challenge of navigating the Corinth Canal.

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